ABOUT US Green Initiatives
Environmental ltl and truckload cargo shipping

We've Been Green as Long as We've Been Blue

AT SLH Transport, we've always taken the necessary steps to operate efficiently and this mind set has helped our organization significantly reduce its carbon footprint. As a matter of fact, our initiatives to date have created the net effect of taking 17,500 small cars off the road every year.

How do we do it? It is the cumulative effect of engaging:

  • Best in class equipment
  • Improved driver behaviour
  • Efficient routing
  • Green facilities
  • New fuel saving technologies

We've Been Doing This For a Long Time

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Sears, SLH (Sears Line Haul) was initially formed to reduce empty miles and the transportation spend for the leading retailer. Since our inception in 1985, we have grown to become one of Canada's top 10 for hire carriers, with a specialization in the truckload market. We now serve the needs of hundreds of customers throughout Canada and between Canada and the USA.

From the beginning, we formalized driver training programs, an anti-idling policy and governed speed limits (98 kph/61 mph). In addition, we have participated in the leading industry programs that promote a green environment including:

  • Smartway
  • FleetSmart
  • PIT


Technology and Fresh Thinking Work Hand in Hand

We have always invested in proven fuel saving technologies and with rising fuel costs, the trucking industry has benefited greatly from continuing advances in this area. SLH has successfully implemented the following:

  • Automatic transmissions in new tractor purchases
  • Wide base tires (super singles)
  • Trailer skirts on over 1000 trailers
  • Participant in LCV (long combination vehicle) pilot project between Ontario and Quebec
  • Currently testing; Wheel balancers, fuel additives and trailer boat tails
  • Better management through upgrading manual systems to SensorTracs satellite monitoring

"SLH Transport is a member of Project Innovation Transport (PIT) a government/private sector partnership to test innovations in fuel efficiency. PIT brings together researchers, managers of vehicle fleets, technology providers, and government agencies to improve every phase of a transportation system."